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APRIL 24TH by missypooh MA
Even wondered what would have happened if Edward never returned after leaving...
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Rise, Rebel, Resist by Paranoid_Psycho_Pyro MA
The Cullens thought they could live in peace when the Volturi left five years ago. They didn't know how wrong they were. They came without warning. Took it all away, and broke the youngest memeber of the family, seemingly beyond repair. What the Volturi didn't count on was the return of The Major. Now...

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Welcome to TwiWrite, home of all things Twilight Fan Fiction. We are excited to offer a place for talented, adult authors to archive their stories and wonderful readers to read them.

This site is 18+ ONLY!!! We do have age sensitive material posted here, and want our authors worry free of any sensitive eyes.

Please take a look around and have fun. We believe in unleashing your creativity here, and hope you'll make TwiWrite your home for all your Twilight Fan Fiction reading. We also offer the TwiWrite HQ where you can find fun segments, fic recommendations and more.You can find the link to the "HQ" in the menu bar.

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With a heavy heart

To all TwiWrite’s amazing members:

It is with a heavy heart I tell you that after 4 years, TwiWrite is shutting down its doors. We’ve had some major changes in our family this year, one of which is unexpectedly buying a house. With the extra expenses that come from that, especially when we didn’t plan for it, there’s no way I can afford the domain fees this year.  So, on August 8, TwiWrite will not renew.

I am extremely sad by this, and was hoping I could hold out long enough to get the new version up and running, but it just didn’t work out. I am sorry.

I want to thank everyone who stuck by me and made this site so wonderful. Without all of you, we could not have made it this far, and you will never know just how much that, and you, mean to me. Thank you.

If you want to take your stories down now, I advise you do so. I wish all of you amazing writers, readers and reviewers the best. You have taught me so much about myself and shown me what real friendship is. Thank you.

Love to all,




--IzPerplexing on July 10, 2014 11:04 AM -10 Comments