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Christmas is the perfect time to seek revenge.  Rosalie wants to see blood...
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Penname: TheUnderStudy [Contact] Real name: Lynette
Member Since: December 07, 2010
Membership status: Member


Greetings folks! I am an early thirties wife and mother, lover of books, fan of comics, and mistress of poetry. I'm married to my own "Leonard Hofstadter" that shares my passion for comics. However he despises all things Twilight and takes ever chance he can get to bash it. I got two little ones who keep me busy and I am just now finding my groove so that I can write.

So which Cullen man do I love the most? That would have to be Emmett. I need a whole lotta man to satisfy the awesomeness that is me. But I love Jasper as well. I have read so many damm Jasper stories that the sexy blondie is burned into my brain! lol. However, I am a sucker for and Edward/Bella all human story. They are what started my love for FF. Also the good doctor Carlisle Cullen can examine me anytime.

Many people don’t know, but I have love for the Volturi. So if you write them, I’m reading. I also like wolf stories. Give me Paul on forest floor any day of the week.

I also love to review. It’s my thing. I guess that’s why I was nominated for the Tracker Award: (Best Reviewer) with the Shimmer Awards & Non Canon Author Award in the Non Canon Awards. YAY! This Changes Things won Best Emmett in the Hopeless Romantic Awards. Congrats to the other winners in this category!

Banner Makers that rock my socks: RxM Banners - Christag Banners - vbfb19 - IllicitWriter Banners



All things nutty & sane can be found on the blog at http://theunderstudyfanfiction.blogspot.com/. It will post things about contests I hear about, banners for my stories, fic recs, and other stuff.

My tumblr is nuts and usually has nothing but Kellan Lutz: http://theunderstudymd.tumblr.com and other random silliness.

I'm on Twitter as TheUnderStudy

Beta-reader: Yes
Gender: female
Birthday : Month/Day: 02/23
Graphics Portfolio: TheUnderStudy
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